the Big Mac Index and Brazil as one of the most expensive tourist destinations right now

August 11, 2010 | By More

The article When the chips are down published recently by The Economist featured a table with recent Big Mac Index data that shows how Brazil has become a very expensive destination.

The index is a a semi-humorous attempt to compare living costs throughout the world, by comparing the cost of a single product, the Big Mac burguer. According to the table, the Brazilian Big Mac would be among the most expensive in the world. Which is even more surprising if you consider salaries and wages are much lower in the Brazil than in the other countries at the top of the table.

The rise of Brazil to the top of the most expensive tourist destinations it is not due so much to price increases in Brazil (inflation is under control) but to the increasing value of the Brazilian real against other currencies.

So be warned that looking up prices of transportation and accommodation in Brazil can produce a few surprises. The only possible way of enjoying your holiday in Brazil is to forget the calculator exists; if you keep making conversions you will spoil your holiday!

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