the Amazon: a new threat in the shape of a gigantic bridge

August 13, 2010 | By More


The Guardian has just paid attention to the construction of the mega-bridge across the river Negro linking Manaus and Iranduba. Its article A bridge too far? Brazil’s Manaus-Iranduba crossing outlines fear that the bridge will open the door to the destruction of the rainforest in the region.

ponte Manaus - Iranduba

We doubt the bridge will bring sustainable progress to the other margin of the river Negro. But we know that for many jungle lodges in the region it is going to be increasingly difficult to justifiy the presence of paved roads a few hundreds meters away from their premises. We know a few jungle lodge owners are pleased their guests will now arrive to their premises by car directly from Manaus airport. They need to understand that most foreign tourists pay dear to visit preserved stretches of the Amazon jungle. There is something of an incompatibility between a genuine Amazon experience and paved roads. No one should be surprised if that type of tourist in search for an Amazon experience begins to favour destinations as further away from Manaus as possible (Alter do Chão and the river Tapajós, for instance).

destination: Manaus
Jungle Lodges in the Amazon
destination: Alter do Chão and the river Tapajós

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