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Floresta Nacional do Tapajós, Amazon, Brazil

August is over and so is holiday time for many people in the northern hemisphere.

We began the month with the news of the inclusion of the Praça São Francisco in São Cristovão, Sergipe as a World Heritage Site.

On Curitiba, the main sights we gave quite a lot of details on what we consider to be the unmissable sights in the city.

Our big effort of the month was put into writing and extense blog post on a fascinating Brazilian destination: the Pantanal handbook.

Expensive destination is a label attached with increasing frequency to Brazil, as we saw in the Big Mac Index and Brazil as one of the most expensive tourist destinations right now.

A new concern for the Manaus region in the form of a gigantic bridge.

Finding accommodation in Brasilia is much easier if you know when to look for it. We have some tips at hotels in Brasilia.

Quite a few months after our trip our photos of Curitiba and Morretes are ready.

Rock fans will be glad to know that the 2011 edition of the Rock in Rio festival will take place… in Rio de Janeiro!.

Discount websites have landed in Brazil, for real! and we saw a list with a bunch of them.

We finished the month announcing our album of photos of Alter do Chão and the Amazon jungle.

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