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September 3, 2010 | By More

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Río de Janeiro, BrasilCopacabana y LemeMaracanãRio de Janeiro, Brasil

The results of a recent survey on what foreign tourists feel about Rio de Janeiro have just been released. 800 foreign tourist where surveyed during the month of July as part of a project coordinated by professors Bayard Boiteux and Maurício Werner, from UniverCidade. They are two specialists on the subject whose analyses reach the problems the authorities are even unable to admit they exist.

Some of the results of the survey.

On the positive side of Rio:

  • the weather (answer given by 37% of those surveyed)
  • exuberant nature (30%)
  • hospitality (20%)
  • cultural diversity (9%)
  • the subway/underground (4%)

On the negative side of Rio:

  • lack of tourist information (35%)
  • taxis around the Rio sights (22%)
  • street vendors (17%)
  • safety (13%)
  • local handicrafts (8%)
  • homeless population (5%)

The most visited sights:

  • the Sugar Loaf mountain (43%)
  • the Sambadrome (28%)
  • the Corcovado mountain (20%, with limited access during the time of the survey)
  • the Lapa neighbourhood (10%)

90% of those surveyed declared they’d return to Rio, 10% said they wouldn’t.

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