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September 20, 2010 | By More

Encontro das Águas, Manaus

When is the best time of the year to visit the Amazon region? At “cheia” and “seca” on the Amazon region we saw how the changing levels of the Amazon river and its tributaries creates two different landscapes along the year.

Though we feel any time of the year is valid for a trip to the region, having been to the Amazon at the height of both the rainy season and the dry season we confess our preference for the months of transition betwen the former and the later.

Amazon river / río Amazonas

1. The Amazon between January and May

If you are heading to the Amazon between January and May you should know you will come across very heavy rain, torrential at times. It rains an awful lot. Sometimes rain comes in the form of short and heavy showers. Sometimes it will rain non-stop for several days. As June approaches the rainfall diminishes. A vantage of this period over the second half of the year is that the heat in the region is more bearable.

Manaus, Amazonas

2. The Amazon between June and September

Having the choice of dates, the period between the end of the rainy season and the beginning of the dry season would be our choice for a visit to the region. Advantages:

  • the river levels are coming down, uncovering the Amazon beaches, specially at Alter do Chão and the river Tapajós region (the later you visit the area the bigger the beaches you’ll find; July allows for the contemplation of quite a few beaches).
  • temperatures rise but it’s nowhere as unbearable as at the end of the year.
  • water levels are receding at the igapós, the flooded forests, but they can still be visited by boat. And igapós are one of the most delightful surprises the Amazon has in store for their visitors.

monkey business, the Amazon

3. The Amazon between October and December

It is the driest season of the year (but always be reminded that rain at the Amazon region happens all throughout the year). Heat intensifies. The igapós disappear and are now visited on foot. River beaches are its best.

vitória-regia, Amazonia, Brazil

destination: Manaus
destination: Alter do Chão and the river Tapajós
destination: Belém
destination: Algodoal
destination: Ilha do Marajó
Jungle Lodges in the Amazon
the Meeting of the Waters and the Janauary Ecological Park, near Manaus

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