updated hi-res images of Ilha Grande

September 29, 2010 | By More

The latest round of imagery update by Google brought updated high-resolution coverage to new areas of Ilha Grande.

You can now see the details of all the constructions at the former Dois Rios penitentiary.

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If you need any reasons to visit the island, have a look from above at idylic Lagoa Azul.

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Or the equally beautiful Mangues and Pouso beaches.

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How about reaching this beautiful yet unknown corner of the most famous Ilha Grande beach?

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The recent images show the scar left by the landslide that provoked the Ilha Grande tragedy at the beginning of the year.

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Memories of the tragedy returned this week when I saw the publicity being made of a new “luxury” and supposedly “eco” pousada recently opened on the island and built (literally!) on top of giant boulders by the sea. God knows who gave permission for that horrendous building to be constructed. Chances are we will only find out if there is ever a new tragedy.

The starting point to all the information we have on Ilha Grande is this blog’s post destination: Ilha Grande.

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