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Amazon, Brazil

October is here – oh what a splendid month to travel throughout Brazil! It’s time to look back at the blog posts we published during September.

We opened September with the results of a survey showing what foreign tourists feel about Rio de Janeiro.

We uncovered a fascinating reality of life in the Amazon region at “cheia” and “seca” on the Amazon region.

Our challenge of the year was accomplished and we told you everything about it at five days in Noronha for R$900 total – how we did it.

After repeated requests, I finally drew up a post with guidelines for guest posts at the Brazil Travel Blog.

Continuing our series on the Amazon, we gave advice on when to visit the Amazon region.

On World Car Free Day we saw how monster traffic jams are spreading throughout the large Brazilian cities.

There’s an unmissable encounter for art lovers, the São Paulo’s 29th Art Biennial.

We continued through the Amazon with details of an Amazon adventure: trips around Alter do Chão.

Finally, we visited Ilha Grande from above making the most of the new updated hi-res images the island.

A happy October to all of you!

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