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October 21, 2010 | By More

The Brazilian tourism authorities have released a series of videos with a common theme: those states that will host 2014 World Cup games. During the coming weeks we will present all those videos here in the blog. They are shortish videos, with conventional but beautiful images of the states and its main destinations.


All the info we have on Curitiba is at destination: Curitiba.

For the Iguazu Falls we have destination: Iguazu Falls.

And we gave details of a fantastic train ride at the Curitiba-Paranaguá railway journey.

destination: Curitiba
destination: Iguazu Falls
map of Curitiba
Curitiba, the main sights
Linha Turismo , Curitiba’s hop-on hop-off bus
the Curitiba-Paranaguá railway journey
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institutional videos: São Paulo
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