the Paraná coast: Ilha do Mel and beyond

October 28, 2010 | By More

Beyond a passing reference to our listing of accommodation on the Ilha do Mel we haven’t given much attention on the blog to the coastline of the state of Paraná.

The government of the state of Paraná, through the Agência de Desenvolvimento do Turismo Sustentável do Litoral do Paraná, mantains a website with information on the different towns and destinations along the coast, including Antonina, Caiobá, Guaraqueçaba, Ilha do Mel, Matinhos, Morretes, Paranaguá, Pontal de Paraná and Superagui. For each of the destinations mentioned there is a good amount of information. The website is in Portuguese only.

A further website to complement the information contained on the one above is the Paraná state’s official tourism website. Don’t be mislead by the English flag. There hasn’t been an English version of the page for quite a while.

links: Ilha do Mel

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