Brasilia wonders: JK bridge

November 12, 2010 | By More

I don’t know whether the JK bridge is the most beautiful bridge in the world – an accolade it received from a professional organization not long ago. But it is, without a doubt, one of the shiniest stars in the architectural firmament that is Brasilia. Alexandre Chan created a bridge that was opened as recently as 2002.

Ponte JK (JK bridge), Brasilia
Ponte JK (JK bridge), Brasilia
Ponte JK (JK bridge), Brasilia

Three asymmetric archs support the bridge and create a visual ballet that becomes more evident as you drive across the bridge.

Right before the bridge, coming from the Praça dos Três Poderes, there is a small parking space where you’ll be able to stop your car and take a good picture of the bridge. You can walk across the bridge should you want to.

Ponte JK (JK bridge), Brasilia

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