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[This post is part of a series devoted to tourism in five remote Brazilian states – the other entries include Acre, Amapá, Rondonia and Tocantins.]

Roraima is on the northermost tip of Brazil, bordering with Venezuela and Guyana. Most of the state’s territory is on the northern hemisphere, covered by the Amazon forest. An outstanding feature of the state is the large presence of indian tribes, occupying as much as half of the state. Roraima has less than 400,000 inhabitants.

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The capital of Roraima is Boa Vista (the only Brazilian capital entirely on the northern hemisphere). It is linked by road (BR 174) with Manaus and the Venezuelan border. As it is the case for the remaining states we are presenting on this series, one of the main obstacles to the development of a tourist industry are the high transportation costs. A flight from the southern regions of Brazil to Roraima can cost as much as a ticket to the States. Airlines Gol and Tam fly to Boa Vista.

Probably the best tourist attraction in Roraima is mythical Mount Roraima (2,875 meters), located at the tri-border between Brasil/Venezuela/Guyana. It is the location for the Brazilian Ministry of Tourism only tourist route in the state of Roraima, unsurprisingly called Monte Roraima. The mountain is at the National Park of Monte Roraima. There is a 7-day trek around the region. Climbing the mountain takes up two days.

There are to other national parks at the state of Roraima: Serra da Mocidade and Viruá. None of them have any infrastructure whatsoever.

The Brazilian Ministry of Tourism hasn’t elaborated any videos to popularize the tourist attractions of the state of Roraima (videos were preparaded for most Brazilian states). In the Ministry’s tool for travel professionals, Brasil Network, there is no information on Roraima either. It would seem that there is no intention whatsoever of selling Roraima as a tourist destination.

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