careful if driving a buggy in Noronha, 2 dead in less than one week

January 10, 2011 | By More

Vila dos Remédios, Fernando de Noronha, Brasil

We’ve always maintained that nothing could be more departed from sustainable tourism than exploring a natural paradise such as Fernando de Noronha in a buggy. The authorities have identified carbon emissions from the fleet of ancient buggies in the island as one of the main threats to the environmental balance of the archipelago.

This blog post wants to highlight another worrying aspect of buggies in Noronha: they are a serious threat to your personal health. Two accidents involving buggies in less that one week have cost the lifes of two people in the island (Acidente com buggy em Fernando de Noronha mata uma pessoa, Turista de São Paulo morre ao capotar com buggy em Fernando de Noronha).

On a buggy your body is far more exposed to serious damage than in any other kind of vehicle. On top of that, driving a buggy in Noronha is a high-risk activity due to:

  • the fact that buggies are hired without a driver. Unless you are an experienced buggy driver you will have in front of you a beast that is driven quite differently from the vehicle you’re used to.
  • the existence of accident-prone steep dirt tracks and a narrow road with speeding vehicles.
  • most buggies rented to tourists in Noronha are in a precarious state of maintenance. We’ve heard plenty of stories of tourists who had mechanical problems with the buggies they hired.

If you are renting a buggy while in Noronha, watch out for all of this.
Fernando de Noronha
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