the dark side of Fernando de Noronha

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Jornal do Comercio published recently an outstanding piece of journalism that unfortunately will be restricted to those with certain fluency in Brazilian Portuguese. The feature, with the title Noronha às Avessas (something like “the other side of Noronha”) contains a harrowing tale of corruption, misery, suffering and environmental crime that you will never find on a tourist magazine or blog. After reading the article one is left with the feeling that we will no longer be able to use the word “paradise” associated to Noronha.

Does that mean we are no longer recommending a visit to Noronha? Far from it. All that it makes Noronha excel as probably the most beautiful (certainly the most expensive) Brazilian destination is still there in place. But for those who want to go beyond the fairy tale, the article does supply background information of a different kind on the island.

Our main entry here at the blog on the archipelago is destination: Fernando de Noronha

Many thanks to Ernesto from A Gringo in Olinda for sending the link to the article.

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