Rio de Janeiro on the verge of its worse dengue fever epidemic in history

September 28, 2011 | By More

Rio de Janeiro’s mayor has just made a worrying announcement. This coming summer Rio is to face its worse dengue fever epidemic in history. The conclusion was reached through the comparison of current and old data. So far this year, and long before the summer months when most cases are recorded, Rio has seen 160,000 cases of dengue fever with 121 deaths.

An informed traveler is the best possible traveler and for that reason we want to refer you once again to our blog post 10 facts about dengue fever in Brazil. It was written with the help of a medical specialist on the disease and it contains information on dengue fever.

Thinking of cancelling your trip to Rio because of the upcoming dengue fever epidemic? We don’t feel you should necessarily do that. Get the information and understand the risks associated to dengue fever before you take such decision.

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