Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, the most expensive 4* hotels in the world

October 26, 2011 | By More

hotel Unique, São Paulo

According to an international hotel price index just published, Río de Janeiro has the most expensive 4* hotels in the world. São Paulo comes second on the list. When all hotel categories are taken into account, Rio de Janeiro features in 9th place while São Paulo takes the 21st place.

The top placings of Rio and São Paulo are due to a large extent to the power of the local currency, the real. While hotels in both cities are expensive, an overvalued real makes them even more so, in particular on the eyes of the foreign traveler. If you’re looking for accommodation on any of those two cities and are bewildered by the range of prices you’re finding out, rest assured the problem is not yours. It is the reality of accommodation in the two largest Brazilian cities.

This blog has one main entry devoted to Rio de Janeiro and another one devoted to São Paulo: destination: Rio de Janeiro and destination: São Paulo.

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