weekly shot: surfing the dunes

November 4, 2011 | By More

duna de la puesta de sol / sunset dune, Jericoacoara
sandboarding, dunas da Joaquina

A few times here at the blog we have reflected on the importance surf has for the life of many youngsters along the gigantic Brazilian coastline. For them, surf is such a central part of their lifes as it can be for an Australian or a Hawaiian. Dunes along the coast provide these youngsters with another source of endless excitement: sandboarding.

Our first weekly shot is from the top of the mythical sunset dune in Jericoacara, Ceará. Our second shot is from the equally popular Joaquina dunes on the island of Florianópolis.

If you want more information on “Jeri”, have a look at our blog post destination: Jericoacoara. If you want more information on Florianópolis, head to destination: Florianópolis.

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