five reasons to love São Paulo

November 28, 2011 | By More

Os Gemeos, São Paulo

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1. Open city. Being an stranger in São Paulo is an absolutely irrelevant condition. The prosperity and the identity of São Paulo were built with the contribution of inmigrants from all over the planet. A stranger is nothing more than a paulistano (citizen of São Paulo) who’s been around for a shorter time. Contrary to what is the norm in most Brazilian tourist destinations, where there is a clear-cut distinction between locals and visitors, in São Paulo the clothes, the colour of the skin or the accent are unlikely to raise any eyebrows.

2. The melting pot. Cultures intertwine in São Paulo like nowhere else in Brazil.

3. Culinary paradise. The overwhelming diversity of São Paulo restaurants is a true joy. Contrary to what the mainstream media might lead you to believe, you can eat really well in São Paulo at affordable prices (well, that was certainly the case not that long ago before prices rocketed in the largest Brazilian city). Just run away from the usual suspects recommended in the “best of” lists.

4. Tolerance. Though tolerance is far from being exercised by the entire population of São Paulo, it shows considerable health in the city. It is no wonder that the most popular festive event of São Paulo is, by a long mile, the Gay Parade.

5. Splendid graffitis. São Paulo graffitis help smarten up a city that has more than its fair share of eyesores. Passion for graffit has put São Paulo at the top of the worldwide street art league.

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