five reasons to hate São Paulo

November 30, 2011 | By More


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1. A city where the car is king. São Paulo was designed with the car in mind –in that regard, it is no different from many American cities. The pedestrian, the cyclist, the public transportation user, they are all nuisances in the way of the private vehicle. When it comes to assign public investments, cars rule.

2. A city damaging to your health. São Paulo’s atmosphere is so polluted that the mere fact of living in São Paulo takes two years away from your average life expectancy. And pollution keeps growing year after year.

3. A dirty city. São Paulo is a city where litter strikes you. There is rubbish everywhere.

4. An ugly city. I can’t blame anybody who’s been to São Paulo for a day a found it one giant eyesore. They were probably unlucky and no one took them to the nice corners of the city. But corners they are. Overall concrete, tarmac, dirt, electricity wires come together to create a urban landscape as ugly as sin.

5. Unequal city. Class differences that are the backbone of Brazilian society are as evident in São Paulo as anywhere else in Brazil. Ostentatious display of wealth and slave labour are found in the same city.

It is for these reasons and a few other that a recent survey showed that, if given the chance, 57% of the inhabitants of São Paulo would move somewhere else. Some figure it is and a powerful statement of where things stand when it comes to quality of life.

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