December 2011

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Campos do Jordão

Today’s blog post consolidates texts from all our sources on Brazil, including this Brazil Travel Blog but also D Airfare and the World Cup Brazil 2014. This is a summary of blog posts published during the month of November. As we embarked on a trip during the period, November was a shorter-than-usual month at the blog.

Brazil Travel Blog

We opened the month with an institutional video on Rio de Janeiro.

Our series of weekly photos showed Brazilians surfing the dunes and a corner of Central Europe in Brazil

We traveled to Noronha with our friend Gabriel to see the pictures he took while diving in Noronha.

We returned to the Pantanal for a birdwatching photo season.

We revisited the largest Brazilian city in two opposing entries: five reasons to love São Paulo and five reasons to hate São Paulo.

D Airfare

Brazil could be the destination for yet another 5-star airline, as we discovered at Cathay Pacific on its way to Brazil?

American Airlines is launching a daily Rio to New York flight.

Two companies with a long history such as KLM and Lufthansa are back in Rio de Janeiro.

Aerolíneas Argentinas has plans for a new route from Rio de Janeiro to Salta via Puerto Iguazú.

Gol’s Rosario to Porto Alegre flight to become daily during the holiday season.

A recent study revealed how Rio-São Paulo is the most expensive flight connection in the world.

The World Cup Brazil

We had a look at the essence of the World Cup at an endless dispute: FIFA and the Brazilian government.

And finally, Caxirola, the Brazilian vuvuzela was launched.

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