Brazil needs new strategies to attract foreign tourists

January 16, 2012 | By More

carnaval 2009, Vai-Vai

The title of this blog post is not my own. It is rather a statement by the World Tourism Organization (Brasil precisa de novas estratégias para atrair turistas, diz OMT). One day, with plenty of time in my hands and the stimulus to do so, I am going to write a thorough analysis of everything that is wrong with the way Brazil sells itself abroad. Let me be clear, the “new strategies” do not involve circus acts (spending a fortune on a billboard when so many basic things are needed is not the way forward) or plagiarism (I’m still awaiting for a contact from the Brazilian goverment to explain the unauthorized use of blog content I was victim of).

Unless a radical change takes place in the way the promotion of Brazil as a tourist destination is conducted, all that Brazil will be able to celebrate is achieving the figure of 5.3 million foreign tourists – a record-number reached in 2000 and matched just now in 2011), a figure that leaves Brazil as an insignificant player in world tourism. The new strategies must above all embrace the way travelers of the XXI make their travel plans.

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