Rio de Janeiro as seen by its population

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Professor Bayard Boiteaux’s blog released a few months ago the results of a survey where cariocas (inhabitants of Rio) where asked how they see the place where they live from a tourist point of view: Como o carioca percebe o Rio,como produto turístico?

Here’s the translation of some of those findings. In brackets, the percentage of replies for each option.

What is the tourist icon of Rio de Janeiro?

  1. Corcovado Mountain (40%)
  2. Sugar Loaf Mountain (28%)
  3. Maracaná (10%)
  4. Copacabana (8%)
  5. Floresta da Tijuca (6%)
  6. Sambadrome (5%)
  7. Botanic Gardens (3%)

Do you see Rio as being a tourist city?

  • Yes (70%)
  • No (30%)

Which tourist sights have you visited?

  1. the beaches (50%)
  2. Quinta da Boa Vista (22%)
  3. Sugar Loaf Mountain (15%)
  4. Corcovado Mountain (12%)

What are the main problems of Rio?

  1. traffic (35%)
  2. dirt (28%)
  3. safety (20%)
  4. rocketing prices (14%)
  5. public transportation (3%)

What are the most positive aspects of Rio?

  1. the joyful nature of its population (30%)
  2. informal character (25%)
  3. natural beauty (20%)
  4. wide range of leisure activities (15%)
  5. football (10%)

Always interesting to learn how the inhabitants of a tourist destination see themselves. Our HQ for all the info regarding Rio de Janeiro is this blog’s entry: destination: Rio de Janeiro.

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