February 2012

February 1, 2012 | By More

Maguary, FLONA do Tapajós, Brazil

Today’s blog post consolidates texts from all our sources on Brazil, including this Brazil Travel Blog but also D Airfare and the World Cup Brazil 2014. This is a summary of blog posts published during the month of October.

Brazil Travel Blog

The month began with a look at yet another institutional video, with the main tourist sights of the state of Minas Gerais. The list of videos is coming to an end.

We embarked on a virtual trip along the coastline of Brazil to find out more about nudism and nudist beaches, a topic on which we hadn’t written much yet.

Our weekly shot saw how we had lunch by the majestic river Negro.

This time it is not just us who state the obvious: Brazil needs new strategies to attract foreign tourists. The way the promotion of Brazil as a tourist destination is being handled, I would also suggest a replacement of those responsible for it, bringing in people aware of the way travelers plan their trips in 2012.

We saw how the population of Rio de Janeiro perceive the tourism potential of their own city.

Back on the Amazon we learned a bit more about rubber and sustainable development in the region. If you get the chance to do some community-based tourism in the region you’ll see rubber tapping first-hand.

As the carnival dates approach we turned our eyes to carnaval de rua 2012, the Rio carnival on the streets.

To finish the month, we traveled to the Brazilian capital to learn more about its 25 years as a Unesco World Heritage Site.

D Airfare

American airline Delta intends to increase its presence in Brazil.

A new international route to Brazil is on the cards as Aerosur announces route São Paulo – Santa Cruz – Ciudad de Panamá.

Things are moving on the airport sector as on 6 February there will be an auction for the running of three Brazilian airports. In the meantime, we observed in admiration the incredible growth of Viracopos airport, in São Paulo.

A promo code issued by TAM airlines gave a 15% discount in flights to Europe.

As a result of a decision taken by the Argentinian authorities, Lan was forced to rescheduled flights from Buenos Aires to São Paulo.

There are new connections to Germany on the way, as Lufthansa adds an additional weekly flight to its Frankfurt to Rio de Janeiro flight.

A new option to fly between Argentina and Brazil emerges as Turkish wants to fly from São Paulo to Buenos Aires.

Good news at the airport as passengers will hopefully have a slightly easier ride through customs.

A new international route to Brazil is established as Copa announces its new Panama City to Recife flight.

The World Cup Brazil

The never-ending struggle between FIFA and the Brazilian authorities continues.

It is being announced that Brazilians will be heard on the choice of the World Cup mascot.

We were not that surprised to know that Russia’s World Cup preparations are ahead of Brazil’s.

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