samba school rehearsals in São Paulo

February 8, 2012 | By More

carnaval 2009, Mocidade Alegre

If you are going to be in São Paulo on the dates previous to the carnival and want to feel what the carnival atmosphere is like you might well attend one of the numerous rehearsals of the samba schools. Its importance has grown in recent years as they have become an additional source of income for the schools.

To avoid disappointment it should be made clear that a samba school rehearsal is more of a party than a rehearsal as such. There are no giant floats or wonderful costumes involved. It’s all about dancing and drinking and singing non-stop.

Local newspaper Folha de São Paulo published recently a full schedule of rehearsals with the name of the school, address, times and entry prices: Escolas de samba de SP promovem ensaios nas quadras; programe-se.

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