news from Noronha: paradise to be run by private company and off goes a year of accumulated garbage

February 15, 2012 | By More

Fernando de Noronha, Brasil

News from paradise. The Brazilian government has handed the running of the island to a private company, the same company in charge of the Iguassu Falls (Concessionária vai gerenciar Noronha, que terá ingresso de R$ 65). It would seem the additional payment to visit the island we referred to at Noronha: ready to fork out a further R$130? is now more than a possibility.

The company promises it will improve the paths leading to the viewpoints and the beaches. It plans to build catwalks, lavatories, showers and information centers. Left-luggage facilities are also part of the agenda as well as bike hire and diving gear hire too. Internet access would complete the pack. Some of the changes being proposed are real improvements to the precarious infrastructure on the archipelago (incompatible with the hefty charges tourists have to pay to visit the island). We just hope the right balance will be found and Noronha won’t be turned into a theme park. It is, above all, a nature destination.

More news from the archipelago. One year and three months of accumulated garbage, a whopping 1,800 tons of rubbish, are being finally removed from the island (Lixo acumulado em Noronha começa a ser retirado). The accumulation was due to the fact that the boat taking the rubbish away from the island couldn’t cope with the amount of waste generated in Noronha. Call that unsustainable development. The rubbish dump provoked serious damage on the environment, never mind the image of paradise. Remember the dark side of Fernando de Noronha?

Our main blog post on the island is destination: Fernando de Noronha and there you’ll find plenty of useful travel information.

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