March 2012

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Fernando de Noronha, Brasil

Today’s blog post consolidates texts from all our sources on Brazil, including this Brazil Travel Blog but also D Airfare and the World Cup Brazil 2014. This is a summary of blog posts published during the month of October.

Brazil Travel Blog

To open the month, 24 hours in Rio de Janeiro gave a few ideas on how to spend the time in the tourism capital of Brazil.

February is carnival time and for that reason we mentioned a bunch of useful links on the the carnival of Salvador de Bahia 2012. Continuing the carnival theme, we gave you the chance to attend the samba school rehearsals in São Paulo.

Carnival was threatened by two strike actions in the states of Bahia and Rio de Janeiro: double concern days before carnival: police on strike in the states of Bahia and Rio de Janeiro. For those who couldn’t make it to Salvador de Bahia, Google gave live coverage of the carnival of Salvador through YouTube and Google+.

It was necessary to set the record straight on the carnival dates in Brazil, given that Lonely Planet seems to have messed it all up.

We visited the paradise at news from Noronha: paradise to be run by private company and off goes a year of accumulated garbage.

Welcome news for some travelers will be the fact that two new hotels for the airports of Brasilia and Rio de Janeiro international are being built.

Daylight savings time 2012 came to an end and clocks had to be adjusted accordingly.

It is always a pleasure to visit São Paulo, even more so if it is through the images of a wonderful video on São Paulo.

D Airfare

A new direct connection between Europe and Brazil is announced as Condor will fly from Frankfurt in Germany to Rio de Janeiro.

The big news of the month had to do with the Brazilian airports and we gave our opinion at three Brazilian airports privatized, what next?

American Airlines increasing its presence in Brazil, adding a new destination and increasing frequencies to several of the airports it currently flies to.

A sign of the unhealthy concentration of international flights in Brazil is the fact that São Paulo concentrates 63% of international passenger traffic in Brazil.

A new flight between Brazil and Argentina is confirmed: Turkish Airlines will fly from Buenos Aires to São Paulo.

An end to Gol’s Smiles and American Airlines’ AAdvantage partnership means frequent flyers will have to reassess their loyalties.

The World Cup Brazil

Work on the construction of the new stadium in São Paulo has completed 25% of the estimated amount of work. This is the stadium where the opening match of the World Cup will take place. As construction work progresses, new images of the stadiums are released.

The Confederations Cup, dress rehearsal for the World Cup, will take place in 2013 and its logo was presented.

Happy travels in March for everyone!

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