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March 19, 2012 | By More

Brazilian company UOL has an excellent resource called Situação das Praias Brasileiras providing tourist with valuable information on the bathing conditions at beaches on a sizeable part of the Brazilian coast, including beaches in the states of Alagoas (AL), Ceará (CE), Espírito Santo (ES), Paraíba (PB), Pernambuco (PE), Río de Janeiro (RJ), Río Grande do Norte (RN), Santa Catarina (SC), Sergipe (SE) and São Paulo (SP).

The information contained on the website is not as complete as we would like it to be as the states of Bahía, Maranhão, Paraná and Río Grande do Sul stopped releasing data for their beaches – as if they had anything to hide.

Simplicity is the strong and weak point of the website. A green man symbolizes beaches fit for bathing, a red man identifies those beaches unfit for bathing. No more information, no more details.

It is a handy tool when it comes to choosing a beach for your well-deserved holiday.

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