a new infrastructure for Noronha: two different island experiences in the making?

April 17, 2012 | By More

Fernando de Noronha, Brasil

It wasn’t that long ago that we mentioned how the national park of Fernando de Noronha was going to be run by a private company: news from Noronha: paradise to be run by private company and off goes a year of accumulated garbage.

The first results of that move can now be seen, with the construction of the first catwalk leading visitors to the different points of interest on the main island (there is more detailed information, in Portuguese, as well as photographs at Nova estrutura turística do Parque Nacional Marinho Fernando de Noronha é pioneira no país).

If all the announcements made become a reality, the experience of visiting the national park will be improved bit time for many visitors. Of particular importance is the construction of three Information and Control Centers (one on the high end of Sancho Beach, another one at Sueste Beach and the third one at Leão Beach). Visitors will find at those centers maps, restooms, lockers, bike and diving gear hire.

The question I added to the title of the post occurred to me while reading the following dialogue at the Facebook profile of the company running the park:

The tourist observes:

The beaches of Boldró, Conceição and Porto are covered with garbage, beer cans and so on.

The responsible for the company replies:

Those beaches belong to the Environmental Preservation Area and are not under our responsibility. Get in touch with the administration of the Noronha District, who are responsible for garbage collection and maintenance of the beaches.

Just picture the scene. The tourist arrives in the most expensive destination in Brazil. Pays two hefty taxes, the new entrance fee to the National Park and the environmental tax. The benefits deriving from the National Park entrance fee soon become obvious. While the use being made of the money paid on the environmental tax becomes a mistery (we gave some hints to help you decipher the mystery at the dark side of Fernando de Noronha)

Fernando de Noronha, Brasil

During their stay in Noronha, the tourists will move between two different domains. One clean and well-preserved and the other one leaving a lot to be desired. It will have a smashing time visiting the National Park but God forbids they should have an accident while on the other side of Noronha (a Brazilian tourist suffered a traffic accident in Noronha. As the local “hospital” is not prepared to deal with serious cases, a hospital airplane had to be called in from the continent. Problem is, when the plane reached the island, several of the lights signalling the airport’s runway were not working and the plane had to return to the continent. The tourist died the following day as a results of his serious injuries: Turista de SC morre em acidente em Fernando de Noronha).

There will be two types of beaches. The ones within the National Park, full of facilities, and the ones outside the National Park, where cans of beer might form part of the landscape.

And the tourist will not understand a thing.

It is time for pressure being put on the administration of the island of Noronha to reveal where the money collected through the environmental tax goes. And it is also time for the local administration to ensure tourism in Noronha doesn’t become a tale of two different experiences. The most beautiful and expensive Brazilian destination deserves a little more care.

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