dengue fever epidemic declared in Rio de Janeiro, no need to panic

April 30, 2012 | By More

Río de Janeiro

The authorities of Rio de Janeiro have just declared a dengue epidemic in the city, something of an annual event.

This year’s epidemic seems of a smaller scale than in preceeding years:

  • 12 deaths have been registered as well as 50,000 cases. Readers of this blog will remember previous epidemics with hundreds of deaths and hundreds of thousands of cases.
  • the declaration of the epidemic comes at the end of April, when the rainy season is coming to an end and the number of cases drops drastically.

Should you cancel your trip to Rio because of the dengue epidemic? In questions of health we’ve always believed that everyone should make their own mind based on their tolerance to risk. To those affected, it doesn’t matter much whether the number of victims is large or tiny. We personally wouldn’t cancel our trip to Rio but like I’ve just pointed out, that’s a decision based on our own personal tolerance to risk – which might be different from yours.

We encourage you to read 10 facts about dengue fever in Brazil, a text we wrote with the help of a medical specialist on the issue. After reading the text, you’ll be better prepared to make your own mind.

a word of warning on accommodation in Rio de Janeiro during June 2012

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