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Today’s blog post consolidates texts from all our sources on Brazil, including this Brazil Travel Blog but also D Airfare and the World Cup Brazil 2014. This is a summary of blog posts published during the month of April.

Brazil Travel Blog

We opened the month in Rio de Janeiro where we had a look at restaurants in the favelas, a new tourist attraction.

We heard news about one of the youngest national parks in Brazil at Restinga de Jurubatiba National Park open for visitation on 4-wheel drive or boat.

From Noronha came the news of the set up of a new infrastructure for tourism. We wondered whether that could lead to two different island experiences.

We paid a quick visit to the Brazilian capital to see Google’s homage to Brasilia on its 52th anniversary.

We put and end to the month with a word of warning on the dengue fever epidemic declared in Rio de Janeiro, an event we feel shouldn’t lead you to panic.

D Airfare

We began the month issuing an alert on Bolivian airline Aerosur, as it is on the verge of bankrupcy and has suspended flights.

The yet-unborn American’s Miami to Manaus will become a daily flight on its launch date in June.

Uruguayan airline Pluna is suspending temporarily its Montevideo to Campinas flight.

A couple of announcements from Central American airline Taca: Taca to fly from Costa Rica to Brasilia and to cancel its Lima Brasilia.

A recent report showed that 85% of Brazilian airports are on a worrying or critical situation.

Qatar Airways, one of the best airlines in the world, ran a promotion offering 25% discount on its fares.

Tam and Aeromexico signed a code-share agreement.

The World Cup Brazil

For those wanting to join the fun while at the same time avoiding bankrupcy, there will be Two Fifa Fun Fests in Rio de Janeiro and one in Porto Alegre.

The money-making machine is working at full steam, and an excellent proof of that is the fact that the World Cup 2014 generated US$910 million for FIFA during 2011.

We introduced readers to the Brazilian government’s official website for the World Cup.


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