20 reasons to visit Bahia

May 17, 2012 | By More

Today we pay homage to the state of Bahia on the ocassion of the celebration of the 1st Tourism Fair of Bahia.

With you, 20 images that represent 20 reasons to visit Bahia.

1. Sunset | Praia do Forte
Praia do Forte, Brasil

2. The “Quadrado” after sunset | Trancoso
O Quadrado, Trancoso

3. Festivals | Arraial d’Ajuda
Arraial d'Ajuda

4. Time standing still | Boipeba
Boipeba, Brasil

5. The Caribbean | Morro de São Paulo
Garapuá, Brasil

6. This is where Brazil started | Porto Seguro
Coroa Vermelha, Porto Seguro

7. A tropical castle | Castelo Garcia d’Ávila, Praia do Forte
Castelo Garcia d'Ávila, Praia do Forte, Brasil

8. Crystal-clear waters | Boipeba
Boipeba, Brasil

9. As soon as you spot the “fitas” you will know you are in Bahia | Salvador
Salvador de Bahía, Brasil

10. Relax, you are in Bahia | Santo André, north of Porto Seguro
Santo André, Porto Seguro, Brasil

11. Historic heritage, where gold shines | church of San Francisco, Salvador
Salvador de Bahía, Brasil

12. Environmental preservation | Projeto Tamar in Praia do Forte
Projeto Tamar, Praia do Forte, Brasil

13. Religious architecture right by the green sea | Santa Cruz de Cabrália, north of Porto Seguro
Santa Cruz de Cabrália

14. Where tourism hasn’t left its mark yet | Caraíva

15. Palm trees | Arraial d’Ajuda
Arraial d'Ajuda

16. Religious feelings | Arraial d’Ajuda
Romaria de Nossa Senhora d'Ajuda

17. Perfect beaches | Bainema beach in the island of Boipeba
praia de Bainema, Boipeba, Brasil

18. Amazing nature | a spectacular gameleira tree in Praia do Forte
Praia do Forte, Brazil

19. Any minuscule piece of land, tiny as it might be, it’s fit for the national passion | Caraíva

20. The smile | Salvador
Salvador de Bahía, Brasil

The links on the names of the destinations will take you to the information we have on them at the BRAZIL TRAVEL BLOG. Bahia is a Brazilian state that concentrates a sizeable number of tourist attractions. You can spend an entire trip to Brazil touring them. We haven’t mentioned the Chapada Diamantina as we haven’t visited the region.

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