Rio de Janeiro homestays, a new info resource is launched

June 19, 2012 | By More

hospedagem domiciliar

A handful of companies have been working for years in Rio de Janeiro offering bed & breakfast accommodation as well as apartment rental in the city. The big news is that RioTur, Rio’s tourism authority, is launching now a website where tourists planning a visit to Rio will be able to find all the alternative accommodation offering in just the one page. The new project is called Hospedagem Domiciliar and it has a version in English.

Visitors won’t be able to make bookings through the new site; rather, they will be redirected to the businesses that provide them. The site contains a section on Season Rentals too – it is somehow hidden at the bottom of the page.

A good starting point is the FAQ section of the website.

With a version in English and in Spanish, and addressing a pressing need for the tourist visiting Rio de Janeiro, we feel RioTur‘s initiative is spot on. Associating the tourism authority’s name to a series of business brands offering alternative accommmodation gives the tourist reassurances. Knowing the companies have official backing should help ease some fears.

What with the massive events of the coming years, the search for affordable accommodation in Rio de Janeiro will undoubtedly become a sort of Holy Grail(ish) adventure. A few greedy hoteleries have given ample signs that they are in this business to make loads of money. Quite a few tourists fearing for their budgets will no doubt turn to alternative accommodation in what, after all, ranks today as the 13ª most expensive city in the world.

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