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machines to exchange dollars and euros for Brazilian reais

machines to exchange dollars and euros for Brazilian reais

São Paulo, Brasil

The news hit the healines a few days ago but the specific details are still scarce. The Brazilian government gave permission to banks and other financial institutions to install and operate money exchanging machines (Real can be exchanged for Dollars in ATMs).

The machines, similar to ATM’s but operating independently, will allow tourists to exchange foreign currency (initially only dollars and euros are being mentioned) for Brazilian reais – and viceversa. The person exchanging money will have to insert an international credit car in the machine. The information on the card will be used to identify the person exchanging money. And then they will insert the bank notes they wish to exchange.

The key issue will be the exchange rate used by banks and financial institutions on the exchange machines they run. If it’s a disadvantageous rate, then our recommendation will remain exchanged: withdraw money from ATM’s when possible or use the tradicional foreign exchange booths.

An interesting idea in theory that will have to be reassessed once it is implemented. With the Soccer World Cup and the Olympic Games in the horizon helping tourists gain access to local currency should become a priority.

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three beautiful videos on Rio de Janeiro

three beautiful videos on Rio de Janeiro

Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro

Today we are delighted to present on a single blog post three spectacular videos with a common theme: Rio de Janeiro. They have been quite popular over the travel blogosphere over the last few months.

1. Rio, a miniature

A beautiful video of Rio de Janeiro combining the time-lapse technique with extensive use of the tilt-shift technique turning Rio into a miniature we can all play with. A joy to watch. It has a lengthy section on the Rio carnival that is absolutely fantastic.

2. Helicopter flight

It might not be the real thing but it certainly comes cheaper. Embark yourself on a high-resolution spectacular helicopter flight over Rio de Janeiro.

Barra da Tijuca is the starting point and the rest of the flight path, well, the rest of Rio de Janeiro sights you’ll probably recognize easily.

3. Rio for adrenaline junkies

Jetman takes to the skies of Rio.


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video of the Pantanal

video of the Pantanal

Pantanal, Mato Grosso, Brazil

Worth remembering what the Pantanal looks like. At the Pantanal handbook you will find detailed travel information on this Brazilian jewel, a must for nature lovers.

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where are the foreign tourists?

where are the foreign tourists?

torre de televisão, Brasilia

Financial Times run a while ago a story with the title Brazil tourism: forget the gringos touching briefly on several topics that are constant themes here at the Brazil Travel Blog – you needn’t go further than Brazil needs new strategies to attract foreign tourists.

Brazil’s tourism sector is one of the least international in the world. Figures for tourist arrivals are stagnant, somehow masked by the fact that former leisure travelers are being replaced by business travelers reflecting on the growing importance of Brazil in the business world. In 2011, income generated by foreign tourists was 5% of the total tourism income. Today, tourism in Brazil is mainly a local affair. The emerging middle classes keep the tourism sector alive – the higher middle class and the high classes spend their holidays abroad.

The newspaper quotes as possible reasons for this behaviour the infrastructure limitations (dire airport infrastructure) and visa-related issues. And, last but not least, the shocking discovery that São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro are currently more expensive than London.

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July 2012

July 2012

carnaval 2009, Pérola Negra

Today’s blog post consolidates texts from all our sources on Brazil, including this Brazil Travel Blog but also D Airfare and the World Cup Brazil 2014. This is a summary of blog posts published during the month of July.

Brazil Travel Blog

Infrastructure improvements for Salvador de Bahia as a a new passenger terminal for the port was announced.

The tourism authorities of Rio de Janeiro launched a new site with information on Rio homestays: Rio de Janeiro homestays, a new info resource is launched.

For those fond of making early preparations we mentioned the dates of the 2013 carnival in Brazil.

D Airfare

American Airlines got 17 more frequencies to fly to Brazil, which will undoubtedly help carry more Brazilian tourists to the States.

You might have to allow for a slightly bigger budget for your Brazilian trip as a new tax for passengers in connecting flights is being proposed.

Gol announced it is discontinuing its flights to Chile, bad news for anyone wanting to fly between both countries.

Lan Colombia introduced a new route linking Colombia and Brazil (Lan Colombia connecting Bogota and São Paulo). And yet another connection with Colombia was launched, as Taca / Avianca now fly from from Bogota to Brasilia.

The second largest airline in the world was finally born as Lan and Tam become Latam.

And still on alliance movements, Copa and Avianca are the newest Star Alliance members.

The World Cup Brazil

FIFA confirmed the hosts of the Confederations Cup in 2013, a list that includes Brasilia, Belo Horizonte, Fortaleza, Rio de Janeiro, Recife and Salvador.


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