Brazil to lead price increases in 2013

September 3, 2012 | By More

Salvador de Bahia, Brazil

Carlson Wagonlit Travel heralds the bad news:

Brazil leads the way as the only nation in CWT’s entire 48-country forecast expected to see double-digit price increases next year, which causes significant challenges for travel budgets.

This statement and a more complete picture can be read at the company’s global forecast for 2013 in the tourism sector.

The company estimates hotel prices will increase in Brazil above 10% during next year. The proximity of the big sporting events (World Cup and Olympic Games) leaves little doubt as to whether there will be joy for the traveler’s budget during the coming years. Certainly not if they are heading to Brazil. If Rio+20 is a model to be followed (an end to the Rio hotel saga, for the time being at least), there are very dark clouds in the horizon.

Independent travelers are hopelessly abandoned by the Brazilian tourism authorities, who still believe organized traveled, package tours and travel agencies will save the day. In the meantime, other worldwide destinations with an array of attractions are competing on an equal level with Brazil and enticing more travelers to their shores. In view of the rising costs of holidaying in Brazil, a new approach to bringing foreign tourists to the country will be needed.


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