the merger of Azul and Trip will give birth to Azul

September 12, 2012 | By More

Azul Linhas Aéreas

In May this year we learned that Azul and Trip where going to merge (and you read the news at D AIRFARE).

The news months later is that the airline resulting from the merger has a name: it will be Azul. It was considered that Azul, rather than Trip was a brand name better known in Brazil and abroad. Trip will incorporate elements of its identity into the logo of the new company.

TRIP airlines, Brazil

We need to wait and see whether the new airline will make things easy for foreign travellers wanting to become customers. Trip never allowed foreigners without a Brazilian tax ID to purchase tickets from the airline’s website. We hope things are about to change.


From today the BRAZIL TRAVEL BLOG will publish the aviation news that had been taken care of by our blog D AIRFARE. We felt that having just the one source of news on all things related to travel in Brazil would be a sensible idea. D AIRFARE will remain a static source of information for general texts on flying in Brazil.

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