from 22 September, an additional R$130 will have to be paid to visit Noronha

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baia dos Porcos, Fernando de Noronha

From 22 September visitors of the Maritime National Park of Fernando de Noronha will have to pay a fee to visit it.

Foreigners will pay R$130 while the cost for Brazilians will be R$65. The entrance is valid for 10 days, which is a bit of a cheeky period of time, given that most visitors to Noronha remain on the archipelago less than a week.

Atalaia, Fernando de Noronha

At a new infrastructure for Noronha: two different island experiences in the making? we explained how the management of the national park had been handed in to a private company – the same firm running the Iguaçu National Park. Once the first stage of improvements at the park has been completed, the new payment is being implemented right away.

And no. Forget it. Travelling to Noronha and not visiting the National Park is not an option.

Fernando de Noronha, Brasil

You will have to budget the new charge on top of the payment of the environmental tax. Thus, a foreigner staying in Noronha for 5 days will have to pay an environmental preservation tax of R$211,68 and a park entrance of R$130.

Bad news for limited bugdets. When I think of a family of four, we enter a nightmarish realm. Travelling to Noronha is becoming more and more of a financial ordeal.

We are not here to argue whether the trip is worth the money you will have to pay for it (for us, Noronha is still a paradise). But the truth is that there are many other far more affordable similar paradises in other corners of the world. Noronha faces a tall order selling itself to foreign tourists. Who are likely to struggle to understand why they have to pay a hefty environmental tax and, on top of that, the National Park entrance fee.

Atalaia, Fernando de Noronha

Having said all that, Fernando de Noronha is probably our favourite destination in the entire Brazil. Start reading about it on destination: Fernando de Noronha.

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