10 must-see places in Brazil (2012-2013 edition)

September 26, 2012 | By More

As the 2014 Soccer World Cup and the 2016 Rio Olympics approach it is time to refresh our list of must-see places in Brazil. Choose any of the listed destinations – a handful of them if you can afford too!, and the success of your Brazilian trip is guaranteed.

Click on the names of the places to go to their full destination cards here at the BRAZIL TRAVEL BLOG, and find out more about them. Some of the destinations are really well-known. Others fall within the hidden jewel description. I have only included places I have been to (places I’ve read/heard about but I haven’t visited didn’t make it into the ranking).


1. Fernando de Noronha (Pernambuco)

Praia do Sancho, Fernando de NoronhaFernando de Noronha, BrasilFernando de Noronha, BrasilFernando de Noronha

Visiting paradise comes at a price. The most outrageously expensive Brazilian destination is also home to the most wonderful beaches in the entire country.


2. Paraty (Rio de Janeiro)

Paraty, BrasilParaty, BrasilParaty, BrasilParaty, Brasil

Colonial architecture, tropical rainforest and secluded beaches. And just a few hours away from Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo. Paraty should feature prominently on any trip around Brazil.


3. Lençóis Maranhenses (Maranhão)

Lençóis MaranhensesLençóis MaranhensesLençóis Maranhenses, BrasilLençóis Maranhenses

One of the few Brazilian destinations that can rightly claim its uniqueness: a vast expanse of sand dunes and lagoons that make for a mesmerizing landscape. To be enjoyed between June and September.


4. the Pantanal (Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul)

yacare caiman, Pantanal, BrazilPantanal, BrazilPantanal, BrazilPantanal, Brazil

Heaven for wildlife lovers doesn’t get closer than this. Head to the Pantanal for a wildlife experience that can rival many African destinations.


5. Alter do Chão and the river Tapajós (Pará)

Floresta Nacional do Tapajós, Amazon, Brazilvitória-regia, Amazonia, Brazil"igapó", Alter do Chão, Amazon, BrazilFloresta Nacional do Tapajós, Amazon, Brazil

You can’t contemplate a trip to Brazil without a true Amazon adventure? Then head to Alter do Chão, where you will discover the Amazon at its best.


6. Iguaçu falls (Paraná and Argentina)

Iguazu falls / cataratas de IguazúIguazu falls / cataratas de IguazúIguazu falls / cataratas de IguazúTucán toco / Toco toucan

Another Brazilian must. No amount of touristification (and the falls are nowhere near Niagara Falls on that regard) can detract from the sheer beauty of the falls and the surrounding jungle.


7. Ilha Grande (Rio de Janeiro)

Ilha GrandeLagoa Azul, Ilha GrandeIlha Grande, BrasilIlha Grande

Beautiful beaches and extraordinary natural landscapes. To be consumed along with nearby Paraty if possible. Best avoided during the high season.


8. Brasilia (Distrito Federal)

Congresso Nacional, BrasiliaProcuradoria Geral da RepúblicaSantuário Dom Bosco, BrasiliaJuscelino Kubitschek, Brasilia

Disneyworld for art and architecture lovers. Come and see what a 50-year-old planned city looks like.


9. Curitiba (Paraná)

Parque Tanguá, CuritibaÓpera de Arame, Curitibamezquita, Curitiba, BrasilMuseu Niemeyer, Curitiba

Wildly regarded as a model for all Brazilian cities. Curitiba contains quite a number of pleasant surprises for the visitor.


10. Boipeba (Bahia)

Boipeba, BrasilBoipeba, BrasilSão Francisco/Cova da Onça, BrasilCanavieira, Ilha de Tinharé, Brasil

Should be placed, by right, at a higher ranking on our list. But the stupidity of some humans (a shopping mall in a secluded off-the-beaten track island???) brings it down to number 10.

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