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FIFA celebrated the draw for the Confederations Cup 2013, taking place in Brazil between 15 and 30 June 2013. The host cities will be Belo Horizonte, Brasilia, Fortaleza, Recife, Rio de Janeiro and Salvador.

The are two groups to start with, a seemingly difficult one, with Brazil, Japan, Mexico and Italy. And a theoretically easy one with Spain, Uruguay, Tahiti and an African team yet to be defined.

If you happen to be in Brazil in June, this is the match schedule:


15 JUNE. GROUP A. Brazil-Japan in Brasilia, at 16:00 (local time)
16 JUNE. GROUP A. Mexico-Italy in Rio de Janeiro, at 16:00.
16 JUNE. GROUP B. Spain-Uruguay in Recife, at 19:00.
17 JUNE. GROUP B. Tahiti-(African team) in Belo Horizonte, at 16:00.
19 JUNE. GROUP A. Brazil-Mexico in Fortaleza, at 16:00.
19 JUNE. GROUP A. Italy-Japan in Recife, at 19:00.
20 JUNE. GROUP B. Spain-Tahiti in Rio de Janeiro, at 16:00.
20 JUNE. GROUP B. (African team)-Uruguay in Salvador, at 19:00.
22 JUNE. GROUP A. Italy-Brazil in Salvador, at 16:00.
22 JUNE. GROUP A. Japan-Mexico in Belo Horizonte, at 16:00.
23 JUNE. GROUP B. (African team)-Spain in Fortaleza, at 16:00.
23 JUNE. GROUP B. Uruguay-Tahiti in Recife, at 16:00.



26 JUNE. First from group A-Second from group B in Belo Horizonte, at 16:00.
27 JUNE. First from group B-Second from group A in Fortaleza, at 16:00.


30 JUNE. In Salvador, at 16:00.


30 JUNE. In Rio de Janeiro, at 19:00.

It is unlikely the competition will bring hordes of foreign tourists to Brazil. However, it remains to be seen whether hotels at the host cities will give a “special” treatment to accommodation fares during the event.

Here at the BRAZIL TRAVEL BLOG you will find detailed posts on five of the cities hosting the Confederations Cup:

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