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May 24, 2014 | By More

So the soccer World Cup is just around the corner. It is time here at the BRAZIL TRAVEL BLOG for a quick visual reminder of the sights you cannot miss in Curitiba, the capital of Brazil. You will find more details at Curitiba, the main sights.

Museu Niemeyer, Curitiba
Museu Niemeyer

Jardim Botânico, Curitiba
Jardim Botânico

Parque Tanguá, Curitiba
Parque Tanguá

Ópera de Arame, Curitiba
Ópera de Arame

Trem da Serra, Curitiba-Morretes, Brasil
Trem da Serra

Bosque Alemão, Curitiba
Bosque Alemão

Memorial Ucraniano, Curitiba
Memorial Ucraniano

Bosque João Paulo II, Curitiba
Bosque João Paulo II

catedral, Curitiba

Belvedere, Curitiba, Brasil

Memorial Árabe, Curitiba
Memorial Árabe

Universidade Livre do Meio Ambiente, Curitiba
Universidade Livre do Meio Ambiente

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