memories of three World Cups while in Brazil

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So the 2014 Brazil World Cup is about to start. Interestingly enough, it will be the first World Cup in 12 years I will not witness while in Brazil. Professional commitments took me to Europe and I will watch the World Cup from across the ocean.

Fernando de Noronha
2002 World Cup. In Fernando de Noronha.

I landed in Brazil for the first time at the end of 2001. Shortly after that came my first World Cup while in Brazil. It was Korea and Japan, the year 2002. Prior to the sporting event, the World Cup atmosphere in Brazil was close to non-existent. The Brazilian squad arrived in Asia completely descredited, led by the recently-appointed national coach Luiz Felipe Scolari. We spent the first stage of the competition in Fernando de Noronha. When we travel, and much more so if we are on paradise, we pay little attention to the world, so we would only find out the daily competition scores on our return to our accommodation at the end of the day. It would be the last World Cup won by Brazil – and deservedly so. We were happy to share the joy of the nation on the streets of São Paulo.

Lençóis Maranhenses
2006 World Cup. In Lençóis Maranhenses.

We spent the first stages of the Germany 2006 World Cup half-way between São Luís and the Lençóis Maranhenses. Once again, we would only learn the scores at the end of the day. Brazil didn’t make it to the finals and the country turned its back to the competition once Brazil was out.

Alter do Chão, Brazil
2010 World Cup. In the Amazon

The first stages of the South Africa 2010 World Cup were shared between two outstanding nature destinations in Brazil. The first one was Alter do Chão and the river Tapajós, the perfect Amazon destination, where World Cup fever was at its best. The second destination was the outstanding Pantanal.

yacare caiman, Pantanal, Brazil
2010 World Cup. In the Pantanal

Once again, Brazil didn’t make it to the finals and dissapointment fell upon Brazil.

It is 2014 and we will spend the World Cup traveling once more. On a paradise island with the best possible company, aware that football/soccer is truly irrelevant when compared to many other things in life.

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