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Hi, it’s me, Tony Gálvez, the mind behind this Brazil Travel Blog. While I was born in Spain and spent seven years of my life in living in the United Kingdom, its the last ten years of my life that have brought me in contact with Brazil. Moved to São Paulo in 2001. Met my Brazilian wife while there and decided to stay. That was nearly ten years ago.

I am a professional lexicographer (I write bilingual dictionaries). But as the world crisis has not been kind to culture, while I still work on dictionaries when a publisher requires my services, most of my time is nowadays spent blogging and photographing.

Travel blogging

I am an avid traveller, on the road as often as a kind, and almost as a by-product of my passion for travel I’ve become a professional blogger, author and editor of eleven travel sites:

Travel photography

Travel and photography are two common passions shared not just by me. In the last few years I’ve been lucky to devote more time to photography. I could bore you with a list of the equipment I use (I am a Canon user, by the way) but I’ve always believed that the equipment is immaterial when compared to what it really matters to me: the photos. My photography teacher took the most outstanding shots with the aid of a humble point-and-shoot film camera. I learned the lesson well. Though I like to know what is going on in terms of new models and technical developments, I never judge a photographer by its camera. It’s the photos I’m interested in. I have my own personal blog, Tony, where I showcast some of my most recent work.