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EU tourists can no longer stay in Brazil beyond 90 days

EU tourists can no longer stay in Brazil beyond 90 days

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Decree 7.821, of 5 October 2012, establishes that EU tourists in Brazil will no longer be allowed to expand their initial 90-day stay to the maximum allowed in the past of 180 days.

For years now EU tourists in Brazil were not required to obtain a visa to visit the country. They were simply issued a 90-day stay permission on arrival to the country. That situation has not changed. EU tourists do not need a visa to visit Brazil. But in the past, those tourists willing to stay a little bit longer in the country were allowed to expand the initial three month period to a total of 180 days. That will no longer be possible. No EU tourists will be allowed in Brazil for more than 90 days every 180 days.

We don’t presume the new measure will have a noticeable impact on tourism in the country, as most foreigners travelling to Brazil do so for short periods of time. But those willing to spend a while longer touring the country will now have to accommodate to the new regulations.

As ever, any clarifications should be obtained from the nearest Brazilian consulate.

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how to stay legal in Brazil beyond 90 days

how to stay legal in Brazil beyond 90 days

Tourists from a sizeable number of countries, including the European Union, are granted an initial 90-day stay permit on arrival to Brazil (please check with the Brazilian consulate in your country of origin what are the specific requirements for your nationality). This permite is not a visa – a mistake made by endless websites. Those initial 90 days can be extended to a maximum number of 180 days per year. This blog post explains you how to do so.

First you will need to fill a GRU (Guia de Recolhimento da União) form. Once filled, print it and take it to the bank where you will have to pay the fee corresponding to your request. The form looks as follows:

You can reach it clicking here. Fill in the fields as follows:

  1. Nome. Write your name and surname.
  2. Endereço. Write your home address.
  3. Bairro. The name of the neighbourhood where you live.
  4. Cidade. The city.
  5. País. The country.
  6. Nome da mãe. Write the name of your mother in full.
  7. Nome do pai. Write the name of your father in full.
  8. Unidade arrecadadora. From the drop-down menu, select the name of the unit of the Federal Police where you will submit your request. The units appeared grouped by states.
  9. Código da Receita STN. Click on the magnifying glass on the right hand side. A list of codes will appear. Select 140090 – Pedido de Prorrogação de Prazo de Estada.
  10. Valor Total R$. Once you select the code in the previous field the corresponding fee will automatically appear here. No action is needed.
  11. Gerar Guia. Once you have filled on the fields, click on Gerar Guia to create the document you will need to print and take to the Banco do Brasil, the bank where you will have to pay the fee.

Once you have paid the fee, go to the Federal Police unit you chose on the form. At PF pelo Brasil you will find where is the nearest Federal Police office.

When you go to the Federal Police, don’t forget to take your passport and entry card with you!

Extensions are granted for a maximum of 90 days – making a total of 180 days. The Federal Police has the last word on whether the extension is granted or not. If you have overstayed your initial 90 days, you need to get on the right side of the law before you apply for an extension (the Federal Police will inform you on the steps you need to take).

Important. The information contained in this entry was based on the official information found a the Brazilian Federal police at the time of publishing this entry. As rules and regulations change, we advice you to get in touch with the Federal Police to double-check the procedure for an extension continues the same.

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Passport and visas

Passport and visas

European Union citizens don’t need a visa to visit Brazil as tourists. A valid passport is the only requirement, which entitles the holder to a stay of 90 days, which can be extended to a maximum of 180 days per calendar year.

U.S. citizens need to get a visa to enter Brazil, even if only on tourism.

U.S. citizens and holders of other passports, please check with the nearest Brazilian consulate.

The Brazilian’s government site devoted to the promotion of tourism has a page on passport and visas.

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