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BQB adds two new Brazilian destinations: Foz do Iguaçu and Curitiba

BQB adds two new Brazilian destinations: Foz do Iguaçu and Curitiba

One step at a time Uruguay’s airline BQB Líneas Aéreas (part of the BuqueBus business group) tries to fill the gap left by the demise of Pluna. BQB has started flying from Montevideo to Porto Alegre (you read about the new flight at BQB to fly from Uruguay to Brazil) and the company is announcing two new routes to Brazil.

  • from Montevideo to Foz do Iguaçu, flying on Thursdays and Sundays, starting on 7 March.
  • from Montevideo to Curitiba with a stopover in Rivera (near the border between Uruguay and Brazil), three times a week. The route will be launched when alterations at Rivera airport are completed.

You can check news, schedules and fares at the airline’s website.

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EU tourists can no longer stay in Brazil beyond 90 days

EU tourists can no longer stay in Brazil beyond 90 days

permanencia europeos

Decree 7.821, of 5 October 2012, establishes that EU tourists in Brazil will no longer be allowed to expand their initial 90-day stay to the maximum allowed in the past of 180 days.

For years now EU tourists in Brazil were not required to obtain a visa to visit the country. They were simply issued a 90-day stay permission on arrival to the country. That situation has not changed. EU tourists do not need a visa to visit Brazil. But in the past, those tourists willing to stay a little bit longer in the country were allowed to expand the initial three month period to a total of 180 days. That will no longer be possible. No EU tourists will be allowed in Brazil for more than 90 days every 180 days.

We don’t presume the new measure will have a noticeable impact on tourism in the country, as most foreigners travelling to Brazil do so for short periods of time. But those willing to spend a while longer touring the country will now have to accommodate to the new regulations.

As ever, any clarifications should be obtained from the nearest Brazilian consulate.

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BQB to fly from Uruguay to Brazil

BQB to fly from Uruguay to Brazil

February will see the launch of a new direct flight between Uruguay and Brazil. Uruguayan airline BQB Líneas Aéreas (belonging to the BuqueBus group) will fly from Montevideo to Porto Alegre and back.

There will be one daily flight.

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Brasilia could be the new destination for Air France

Brasilia could be the new destination for Air France

Guarulhos international airport, São Paulo

Air France executives are studying a new direct flight from Paris to Brasil. The French airline currently flies twice a week from Paris to Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo and wishes to increase their offering. The announcement of the new route could take a while as it depends a great deal on how the world economic crisis and the one affecting airlines in particular evolve. Latest news is that the flight might start in 2014 coinciding with the World Cup.

During 2011, France was the most visited destination by Brazilians flying to Europe. Air France transported 40% of the passengers flying to the country.

Brasilia is one of our most recomnended Brazilian destinations. You will find plenty of useful travel information at our blog post destination: Brasilia.

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TAME flying from Ecuador to Brazil

TAME flying from Ecuador to Brazil


Ecuador’s airline TAME is flying from Guayaquil to São Paulo. The new flight was launched this week. It is a direct flight from Ecuardor to Brazil, with three weekly frequencies operated on an Airbus A319.

If the results of the first months of operation of the route are good, the company is considering increasing the frequency to make it a daily flight.

An interesting flight both for Ecuatorians interested in Brazil and for Brazilians interested in Ecuador. Given the support given by the government of Ecuador we suspect there will be a much higher flow of Brazilian tourists making use of the route rather than the other way around.

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