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how to buy Brazilian bus tickets from abroad

how to buy Brazilian bus tickets from abroad

São Paulo

Travelling by bus

A few years ago, at our blog post bus transportation in Brazil, we reflected on how more tourists were turning to buses as a means of transportation in Brazil.

We also mentioned how finding your way through hundreds of bus companies, bus stations and infinite destinations was definitely no mean task.

No CPF, no purchase

Up until very recently (and it continues to be the case for most Brazilian bus companies), it was impossible for a foreigner to purchase Brazilian bus tickets online due to the need to provide a CPF number to complete the purchase – CPF is the Brazilian tax ID. No CPF, no joy.

Buying tickets from abroad

The good news is that it is now possible for a foreigner, armed just with his passport number and a credit card, to buy online Brazilian bus tickets from the comfort of its home. Use the search engine of our partner Brazil Bus Travel to search through the stock of 30 of the most important bus companies in Brazil.

Purchase your Brazilian bus tickets from abroad with our search engine.

You will be able to check schedules and prices for some of the most popular bus routes in Brazil, such as São Paulo-Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre-Curitiba, Recife-Salvador, Belo Horizonte-Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro-Belo Horizonte, São Paulo-Belo Horizonte, Fortaleza-Natal, Rio de Janeiro-Búzios, Rio de Janeiro-Paraty and many others.

We only advise you against long-distance travel by bus. Porto Alegre-Fortaleza by bus is not only an extraordinarily tiring journey. It is more expensive than a flight. Likewise, buses will not take you to Manaus.

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how to buy Brazilian bus tickets from abroad

how to buy Brazilian bus tickets from abroad

Anyone who’s ever tried to purchase a Brazilian bus ticket online knows that, without a CPF number, you’ll go nowhere. CPF is the Brazilian tax ID, issued to nationals and foreigners alike.

We’ve just come across a company reselling bus tickets that allows non-CPF holders to purchase tickets from them. Oh joy. The company is netviagem and let me make it clear we have no business deals with them. The company resells tickets for a considerable number of Brazilian bus operators. Among them:

net viagem 2

If you want to purchase tickets then you need to sign in first. Click on Cadastro on the top right of the page and on the following page select Estrangeiro/Extranjero/Foreign on the grey bar.

net viagem 1

Fill in the details and off you go purchasing your tickets.

The website will send you a voucher you will have to exchange at the bus terminal in Brazil. Head to the company’s counter to replace the voucher with the actual ticket.

We don’t know whether there are other companies out there making life easier for the foreign traveler heading to Brazil. If so, give us a shout on either Twitter or Facebook.

Bus transportation in Brazil is our main blog post on the topic. Head there if you want tips on bus transportation in the country.

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the merger of Azul and Trip will give birth to Azul

the merger of Azul and Trip will give birth to Azul

Azul Linhas Aéreas

In May this year we learned that Azul and Trip where going to merge (and you read the news at D AIRFARE).

The news months later is that the airline resulting from the merger has a name: it will be Azul. It was considered that Azul, rather than Trip was a brand name better known in Brazil and abroad. Trip will incorporate elements of its identity into the logo of the new company.

TRIP airlines, Brazil

We need to wait and see whether the new airline will make things easy for foreign travellers wanting to become customers. Trip never allowed foreigners without a Brazilian tax ID to purchase tickets from the airline’s website. We hope things are about to change.


From today the BRAZIL TRAVEL BLOG will publish the aviation news that had been taken care of by our blog D AIRFARE. We felt that having just the one source of news on all things related to travel in Brazil would be a sensible idea. D AIRFARE will remain a static source of information for general texts on flying in Brazil.

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riverboats across the Amazon – schedules / timetables

riverboats across the Amazon – schedules / timetables

For anyone planning an Amazon riverboat trip finding reliable information on schedules / timetables has become something of a quest for the Holy Grail. If a few days ago we pointed at some tips on Amazon riverboat trips, today we’re going to look at the scheduled services across the Amazon region.

Manaus / Manaos

There isn’t a single unified site consolidating information from the different companies sailing the Amazon. As a matter of fact, you’d be pressed hard to find a single website belonging to a sailing company listing its schedules and fares.

Navegando e Lendo (“Sailing and Reading”) is an NGO trying to promote reading across the Amazon. Their website contains a wonderful page listing most of the big boats sailing the Amazon. The list is here: Barcos.

Manaus / Manaos

The information is grouped according to the three different boarding points in the city of Manaus (there are three). For the three piers (if you could call them that) the following information is offered:

  • On the column Barco, the name of the boat.
  • On the column Destino, the destination, including the different ports of call along the way.
  • On the column Saída, the days of the week with scheduled departures.
  • On the column Hora, the departure time.
  • On the column Fone, the contact telephone number.
  • On the column Tempo de viagem previsto, the length of the trip.

Manaus / Manaos

As it is not an official list, we encourage you (and so do the authors of the listing) to contact the company to confirm the departures and schedules. Do not plan your trip based on the information that appears on the list or, if you do, make sure you have a plan B in hand. Schedules are changed, navigations can be cancelled.

Amazon riverboat trips
an Amazon adventure: trips around Alter do Chão
“cheia” and “seca” on the Amazon region
tourism on the Amazon region is a foreign affair
destination: Algodoal
destination: Belém
destination: Ilha do Marajó
destination: Manaus
the Meeting of the Waters and the Janauary Ecological Park, near Manaus

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car rental in Brazil

car rental in Brazil

Fernando de Noronha, Brasil

The main car rental multinational companies operate in Brazil. They can be found at the largest cities and most important airports in the country. As well as the international companies, there are Brazilian companies that also operate throughout the country.

Check locations, services and rates for:

We’ve rented from Avis and from Localiza in the past. Our experiencie with Avis was truly unhappy, we were handed a car with more than 50,000 miles and in a poor state of maintenance. From what the employees of the company told us some Avis units in Brazil operate an ancient fleet. Not up to the Avis standard.

Our experiences with Localiza have been positive so far.

As well as the companies mentioned here, there is a myriad local companies you will find at the most important Brazilian tourist destinations. Many of them offer very competitive rates. We’ve rented from local companies several times, always hassle-free.

We encourage you to read the rental conditions paying extreme attention to detail. Getting proper insurance cover and understanding how far it goes is essential.

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