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New Brazilian low-cost airline announced

New Brazilian low-cost airline announced

David Neeleman, founder of the U.S. airline JetBlue, has publicly announced the creation of a new Brazilian low-cost airline. The name of the company hasn’t been defined yet. In actual fact, the first marketing drive by the new company was to launch of a contest to choose the name of the new company. The public will choose, through the você escolhe website, the name of the new company (vote opened only to holders of a Brazilian CPF card). The person who suggests the name that will eventually become the chosen one will win the right to fly with the airline for free during the rest of his life!

David Neeleman has eluded stringent government regulations preventing the investment of foreign nationals and companies on the commercial aviation sector because he was actually born in São Paulo and is a Brazilian passport holder.

The arrival of a new company is to be welcome, in times when the duopoly GOL/TAM seems to asfixiate any attempt to create of a real open market in Brazil. But the euphoria shown by some journalists seems a bit outplaced. We are all happy by the arrival of a new player, but only time will tell whether Neeleman is the King Midas some people have purported him to be.

As soon as we find out more about routes, prices and other aspects regarding the new company, we will let you know here at the Brazil Travel Blog.

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TAM Airpass 2008

TAM Airpass 2008

Brazilian airline TAM has revealed the prices and conditions for its Airpass 2008. The information can be read here: TAM Brazil Airpass 2008.

The main change – leaving aside a price increase, is that the maximum period of time allowed between the first and final flight has gone from 20 days to 30 days. A sensible change.

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BRA cancels all its flights

BRA cancels all its flights

It’s just been announced: Brazilian airline BRA has cancelled all its flights, domestic and international alike (anyone wanting more info in Portuguese can read the entry published by the always well-informed Rodrigo Purisch: BRA: Suspende Todos Os Vôos Nacionais e Internacionais).

It would seem BRA has gone bust, cancelling all its flighs and sending employees away.

Hard times for anyone wanting to fly within Brazil. Varig is making anything but a smooth comeback and for the time being we advise extreme caution before buying any flights with Varig.

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All the info on flights and aviation in Brazil can be found now at our new blog, D Airfare, where you can read up-to-date information on the main Brazilian airlines.

The three largest Brazilian airlnes, from the largest market share to the smallest, are TAM, GOL and Varig. GOL started as a low-cost company, but nowadays there is little differentiating it from its main rival, TAM.

There is a number of small airlines. Some are regional companies, other are low-cost airlines, some are both.

Flies in the North and Northeast regions: Belem, Cayena, Fortaleza, Macapá, Manaos, São Luis

Flies to quite a number of Brazilian airports. Of special interest because it flies from Natal and Recife to Fernando de Noronha.

Of all the small companies, Ocean Air is growing the faster.

Operates charter flights. Low prices, quality that matches the prices. Flies to Lisbon and Madrid.

Flies to destinations in the state of São Paulo – funnily enough, it doesn’t fly to the Pantanal.

Small low-cost flying between Curitiba, Porto Alegre, Rio and Salvador

Small company flying between entre Rio, Búzios, Macaé y Vitória.

New company that connects Porto Alegre to other cities in the state of Rio Grande do Sul.

Small company with its headquarters in Manaus. Flies to destinations in the Amazon region. It has a history of accidents.

In the following page there is a complete listing of all the airlines operating in Brazil, including the smaller ones.

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