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Three new TAM international flights

Three new TAM international flights

Through the always well-informed Aquela Passagem! we find out about three new international flights operated by TAM.

Today is the first day of operation for the Belo HorizonteRío Miami flight.

On 17 October a daily São PauloLima flight will begin. Departs from Guarulhos airport in São Paulo at 08:25 and arrives in Lima at 10:35. From Lima it departs at 11:45 and arrives in São Paulo at 19:30.

On 1 November there will be a daily Río de JaneiroNew York flight. Flights to the US will leave on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays. Departing from Rio de Janeiro at 23:15 and arriving in New York (JFK) at 06:00. From the States, flights on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, departing from NY at 16:15 and arriving in Rio at 05:30. Another flight on Sundays, leaving from JFK at 8:00 and arriving in Rio at 21:15.

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More flights to Lima

More flights to Lima

Two airlines announce new flights to the capital of Peru, Lima.

TACA announces a direct flight to Lima from Rio de Janeiro from July 2 (the company has already direct flights from São Paulo to that destination). At the beginning, there will be four weekly flights.

LAN is increasing the number of flights from São Paulo to Lima to 10 weekly flights. It also promises improved connecting times in Lima for passengers flying to Caracas, Bogota and Quito.
Read at Aquela Passagem!: TACA: Tarifa Promocional do Vôo Rio de Janeiro/Lima, LAN Aumenta Frequências para Peru.

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