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283 days to the World Cup: the Amazon river

283 days to the World Cup: the Amazon river

rio Amazonas

The gigantic nature of the Amazon river never fails to impress the visitor. Often, you will have to struggle to even see the other side of the river. The photo was taken in Manaus. You can check here all the travel information we have at the blog on the Amazon region.

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We are hitting the road which means for the coming five weeks we will be touring Brazil, with little time left for updates here at the blog. During that time I’ll be posting photos that will take you on a tour of Brazil, north and south, east and west.

Join us on our photo trip!


The Opera House in Manaus, state of Amazonas.

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guest post: Brandon in the Amazon

guest post: Brandon in the Amazon

Today we welcome Brandon Doyle to the Brazil Travel Blog. Our guest blogger today is an entrepreneur and travel blogger. He’s also a family man and he loves bologna sandwiches. Follow him on Twitter @travelintweeter and visit his blog at Travelin Tweeter. Thanks for the text and photographs, Brandon!

Trip to the Amazon

Ever since I was a young boy I dreamed of going to the Amazon rain forest. I learned about it at school and became fascinated by the mystery of it. At the age of 27, I finally had the opportunity to take a trip to Manaus, Brazil.

I am married with two small children, so the visit was a needed break for my wife and I. We went to Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, and Manaus. Our time in Manaus was truly magical.

The Amazon is unlike any other place in the world. It is simulatneously daunting, beautiful, inviting, intimidating, scary, and amazing.

We stayed at a secluded resort built right above the Amazon River on an intricate system of tree houses and scaffolding.. After landing at the airport in Manaus we took an hour boat ride to get to the resort. The people of Manaus were incredibly nice and welcoming. We felt like we were a part of their family. The food was absolutely delicious. It consisted of a combination of freshly caught fish and other meats along with traditional rice and bean dishes and freshly picked fruit. My favorite was passion fruit juice. I’ve never tasted anything like it. Best drink I’ve ever had.

My wife and I stayed in an individual treehouse, very high in the trees. There were monkeys and exotic birds all around us. The room’s air-conditioning was very welcomed in the hot, humid weather. At night we could hear small animals scamper across our roof and we’d find frogs hopping around our shower room. The adventurous spirit of our surroundings was incredible.

We went on multiple excursions each day with a small group of visitors who spoke the same language as us as well as a friendly and very informative tour guide. This was the best part of the trip. We went on a sunrise tour, we fed pink fresh-water dolphins, hiked through the rainforest, and we went piranha fishing (we ate them too!). We also went to see some ancient villages and we even went on a nighttime crocodile catching excursion which was both frightening and invigorating. The days felt action-packed, yet there was also plenty of downtime to relax in the pool or traditional Brazilian hammocks..

All in all, it was the best trip of my life. My wife and I had an absolute blast. I would highly recommend this location to anyone. Brazil provides a perfect combination of adventure and beauty! I hope to return soon to see some of this again…

More info on the Amazon region

Did Brandon’s experience make you want to know the Amazon region? We have covered the region in depth here at the BRAZIL TRAVEL BLOG. Begin reading at our index of blog posts on the Amazon.
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weekly shot: lunch by the majestic river Negro

weekly shot: lunch by the majestic river Negro

peixaria do Jokka Loureiro, Manaus
Amazon river / río Amazonas

While we had lunch at a humble and very popular fish restaurant in Manaus (the off-the-beaten track peixaria do Jokka Loureiro), we enjoyed the view of the majestic river Negro on its very last kilometres of life – shortly after Manaus it becomes the mighty Amazon. Boats going up and down the river were our lunch companions while we stared at a mass of water our brain had problems processing as just a river.

We have published quite a few blog posts here at the Brazil Travel Blog on the Amazon, including an index of blog posts on the Amazon and an entry for Manaus.

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Brasil 360° Experience – panoramic videos of Brazil

Brasil 360° Experience – panoramic videos of Brazil

The Brazilian tourism authorities recently launched the website Brasil 360° Experience, with versions in Portuguese, English and Spanish.

While most travelers are familiar with panoramic and 360° photos, 360° videos will be a novelty for many. As the image moves, the viewer can change the angle of vision and point the camera in whichever direction he chooses. It is a technology that produces surprising and fascinating results. Brasil 360° Experience aims at surprising the views with moving images of a handful of Brazilian tourist destinations.

The website contains videos of Rio de Janeiro, Cuiabá and the Pantanal, Curitiba and Foz de Iguazú, Manaos and the Amazon and Salvador de Bahía.

The page contains a link “Know more about…” that takes the reader to the Brazilian Tourism Portal, a true liability for the promotion of Brazil as a tourist destination. At the portal, when the tourist tries to find out more information about, say, tourist attractions in Rio de Janeiro, he or she will find the following screen:

Worry not. If you want more info on the destinations covered by the new website, you can check our very own entries for those destinations:

If you’re planning a trip to Brazil we strongly advice you to purchase Travel Insurance.

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