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riverboats across the Amazon – schedules / timetables

riverboats across the Amazon – schedules / timetables

For anyone planning an Amazon riverboat trip finding reliable information on schedules / timetables has become something of a quest for the Holy Grail. If a few days ago we pointed at some tips on Amazon riverboat trips, today we’re going to look at the scheduled services across the Amazon region.

Manaus / Manaos

There isn’t a single unified site consolidating information from the different companies sailing the Amazon. As a matter of fact, you’d be pressed hard to find a single website belonging to a sailing company listing its schedules and fares.

Navegando e Lendo (“Sailing and Reading”) is an NGO trying to promote reading across the Amazon. Their website contains a wonderful page listing most of the big boats sailing the Amazon. The list is here: Barcos.

Manaus / Manaos

The information is grouped according to the three different boarding points in the city of Manaus (there are three). For the three piers (if you could call them that) the following information is offered:

  • On the column Barco, the name of the boat.
  • On the column Destino, the destination, including the different ports of call along the way.
  • On the column Saída, the days of the week with scheduled departures.
  • On the column Hora, the departure time.
  • On the column Fone, the contact telephone number.
  • On the column Tempo de viagem previsto, the length of the trip.

Manaus / Manaos

As it is not an official list, we encourage you (and so do the authors of the listing) to contact the company to confirm the departures and schedules. Do not plan your trip based on the information that appears on the list or, if you do, make sure you have a plan B in hand. Schedules are changed, navigations can be cancelled.

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undiscovered Brazil: Rondonia

undiscovered Brazil: Rondonia

[This post is part of a series devoted to tourism in five remote Brazilian states – the other entries include Acre, Amapá, Roraima and Tocantins.]

Rondonia is on the northwest of Brazil, west of the state of Mato Grosso and south of the state of Amazonas, sharing a border with Bolivia. The relentless advance of the timber merchant, the cattle ranchers and the plantations over the rainforest has had devastating effects. In spite of that, the state of Rondonia still mantains wide expanses of Amazon jungle. Rondonia has a population of 1 million and a half and its territory includes 28 different Indian ethnic groups.

Enlarge map

Unsurprisingly, Rondonia has a tropical climate, with a rainy season from November to April and a dry season from May to October.

The capital of Rondonia is Porto Velho, on the banks of the Madeira river. A few miles from Porto Velho, upstream, construction work is taking place for the gigantic and controversial Santo Antônio dam – one of the largest engineering projects in the planet.

As it is the case for the remaining states we are presenting on this series, one of the main obstacles to the development of a tourist industry are the high transportation costs. A flight from the southern regions of Brazil to Rondonia can cost as much as a ticket to the States. Airlines Gol, Ocean Air and Tam fly to Porto Velho.

The Brazilian Ministry of Tourism has included a tourist route in the state of Rondonia, called Aventura e Charme na Pérola do Mamoré. Pedra do Mamoré is found between the cities of Porto Velho and Guarujá-Mirim, near the border with Bolivia. The route includes river trips, hikes at the Parque Natural dos Parecis and visits to local Indian communities. There is accommodation at a jungle hotel near the meeting of the rivers Pacaás Novos and Mamoré. Among future plans for the region, the reactivation of the mythical railway Madeira-Mamoré, that will allow visitors to get close to the Santo Antônio dam.

Rondonia is home to one of the most remote national parks in Brazil, the Parque Nacional de Pacaás Novos. The park is under constant threat from timer merchants. It is not opened to visitation and there are no roads leading to the park. It is a rich biodiversity lab but completely devoid of any meaning for the tourism industry.

The Brazilian Ministry of Tourism hasn’t elaborated any videos to popularize the tourist attractions of the state of Rondonia (videos were preparaded for most Brazilian states). In the Ministry’s tool for travel professionals, Brasil Network, there is no information on Rondonia. It would seem that there is no intention whatsoever of selling Rondonia as a tourist destination.

Portal Oficial do Turismo de Rondônia
Prefeitura Municipal de Porto Velho

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