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the final draw for the World Cup Brazil 2014

the final draw for the World Cup Brazil 2014


The World Cup draw, defining the teams and groups taking place in the event, will take place on 6 December 2013 at the Costa do Sauípe resort, in the north coast of the state of Bahia, FIFA recently announced.

It will be a chance to inject oxygen into a resort that is being outperformed by competitors along the coast of Bahia. Bear in mind that contrary to what we have seen reported in several media outlets, Costa do Sauípe is not in the vicinity of Salvador de Bahía. It takes two hours to drive the distance of 110 km from the resort to the capital.

On that date, the national teams that make it to the Brazil World Cup will get to know their first rivals and also the cities where they will be based during the initial stage of the tournament.

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posters of the Host Cities of the World Cup Brazil

posters of the Host Cities of the World Cup Brazil

Arraial d'Ajuda

FIFA have revealed the posters for the 2014 World Cup Host Cities. Here they are:


The page for each poster contains an explanation of what was behind the design of the artwork. The links:

My very own favourites? I quite like the posters for Curitiba, Manaus, Rio de Janeiro and Salvador. As for my dislikes, I’d rather not mention names, but there are a couple of posters I find quite on the ugly side.

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match schedule for the Confederations Cup

match schedule for the Confederations Cup

World Cup 2014 / Mundial 2014

FIFA celebrated the draw for the Confederations Cup 2013, taking place in Brazil between 15 and 30 June 2013. The host cities will be Belo Horizonte, Brasilia, Fortaleza, Recife, Rio de Janeiro and Salvador.

The are two groups to start with, a seemingly difficult one, with Brazil, Japan, Mexico and Italy. And a theoretically easy one with Spain, Uruguay, Tahiti and an African team yet to be defined.

If you happen to be in Brazil in June, this is the match schedule:


15 JUNE. GROUP A. Brazil-Japan in Brasilia, at 16:00 (local time)
16 JUNE. GROUP A. Mexico-Italy in Rio de Janeiro, at 16:00.
16 JUNE. GROUP B. Spain-Uruguay in Recife, at 19:00.
17 JUNE. GROUP B. Tahiti-(African team) in Belo Horizonte, at 16:00.
19 JUNE. GROUP A. Brazil-Mexico in Fortaleza, at 16:00.
19 JUNE. GROUP A. Italy-Japan in Recife, at 19:00.
20 JUNE. GROUP B. Spain-Tahiti in Rio de Janeiro, at 16:00.
20 JUNE. GROUP B. (African team)-Uruguay in Salvador, at 19:00.
22 JUNE. GROUP A. Italy-Brazil in Salvador, at 16:00.
22 JUNE. GROUP A. Japan-Mexico in Belo Horizonte, at 16:00.
23 JUNE. GROUP B. (African team)-Spain in Fortaleza, at 16:00.
23 JUNE. GROUP B. Uruguay-Tahiti in Recife, at 16:00.



26 JUNE. First from group A-Second from group B in Belo Horizonte, at 16:00.
27 JUNE. First from group B-Second from group A in Fortaleza, at 16:00.


30 JUNE. In Salvador, at 16:00.


30 JUNE. In Rio de Janeiro, at 19:00.

It is unlikely the competition will bring hordes of foreign tourists to Brazil. However, it remains to be seen whether hotels at the host cities will give a “special” treatment to accommodation fares during the event.

Here at the BRAZIL TRAVEL BLOG you will find detailed posts on five of the cities hosting the Confederations Cup:

destination: Belo Horizonte | destination: Brasilia | destination: Fortaleza | destination: Rio de Janeiro | destination: Salvador

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Brazilian soccer championship 2012 – the calendar

Brazilian soccer championship 2012 – the calendar

Gaviões da Fiel, Corinthians

For those of you keen on attending a soccer/football (futebol in Portuguese) match while in Brazil, the Brazilian Federation of Football’s website contains all the information you need on games listings.

The teams taking part on this year’s first division are, grouped by states (in brackets, after the name of the team, the city and the stadium where they will play this season. Do remember some well-known stadiums are undergoing renovation work for the world cup):

  • BAHIA: Bahia (Salvador, Pituaçu).
  • GOIÁS: Atlético Goianiense (Goiânia, Serra Dourada).
  • MINAS GERAIS: Atlético Mineiro (Belo Horizonte, Independência), Cruzeiro (Uberlândia, João Havelange).
  • PARANÁ: Coritiba (Curitiba, Couto Pereira).
  • PERNAMBUCO: Náutico (Recife, Aflitos), Sport Recife (Recife, Ilha do Retiro).
  • RIO DE JANEIRO: Botafogo (Rio de Janeiro, João Havelange o Engenhão), Flamengo (Rio de Janeiro, João Havelange o Engenhão), Fluminense (Rio de Janeiro, João Havelange o Engenhão) and Vasco (Rio de Janeiro, São Januário).
  • RIO GRANDE DO SUL: Grêmio (Porto Alegre, Olímpico), Internacional (Porto Alegre, Beira-Rio).
  • SANTA CATARINA: Figueirense (Florianópolis, Orlando Scarpelli).
  • SÃO PAULO: Corinthians (São Paulo, Pacaembú), Palmeiras (São Paulo, Pacaembú), Ponte Preta (Campinas, Moisés Lucarelli), Portuguesa (São Paulo, Canindé), Santos (Santos, Vila Belmiro) and São Paulo (São Paulo, Morumbi).

Newcomers this year are Portuguesa, Ponte Preta, Náutico and Sport Recife, two teams from the state of São Paulo and two teams from the city of Recife.

I’ve prepared a GoogleMaps mash-up with the main 1st division soccer stadiums in Brazil:

View larger map

A few clarifications:

  • the Brazilian league is known as the Brasileirão
  • unless there is another ongoing competition (Libertadores, Copa Sudamericana) there is usually a round of games during the week (Wednesdays or Thursdays) and another one during the weekend (Saturdays or Sundays). During the weekend all matches are usually played at the same time, either four o’clock or six o’clock.
  • unlike the European national championships, the Brasileirão begins in May and ends in December. Halfway through the season, coinciding with the beginning of the European leagues, there is a real exodus of players, bought by European and Asian clubs. Often the squad that begins the league is quite different from the one that finishes it.
  • at local derbys (clásicos) emotions run high. You are advised to be careful, as violent clashes between rival fans are frequent, especially on the way to the stadium. Get away from conflict as fast as you can, the police do not deal with troublemakers on a kind fashion.
  • in general tickets are much more affordable than in Europe.

We have a brand-new blog devoted entirely to the FIFA World Cup 2014: the World Cup Brazil 2014.

Museu do Futebol (football/soccer museum)
Morumbi stadium (São Paulo FC)

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the Maracana stadium in Rio de Janeiro opens its doors again

the Maracana stadium in Rio de Janeiro opens its doors again


After a period of closed doors due to renovation work, the mythical Maracana soccer stadium in Rio de Janeiro reopens its doors to visitors. Construction work is far from being finished, but visitors will be able to have two different experiences of the stadium:

  • a guided visit to the construction work under progress (more details, in Portuguese, here). It is done on the first Saturday of each month and you have to confirm your presence by writing to visitaguiada@maracanario2014.com.br
  • a visit to the Torre de Vidro (Crystal Tower) (more details, in Portuguese, here). The tower is the part of the stadium where you will find the hall of fame and other memorabilia. From the top of the tower there is an splendid view of the stadium. Visits are carried out between 9 and 19 horas, from Monday to Sunday bank holidays included. There is an entrance fee of R$20.

New images of the stadium

The architecture studio responsible for work at the Maracana has just released new images of how the stadium will look like when it’s finished. Click on the image below.

novas imagens maracana

The Maracana stadium will be host to seven world cup games, including the final. Work is expected to be completed by February 2013, several months behind schedule.

The following video introduces the official project for the new Maracana stadium.

More information on Rio de Janeiro and the World Cup.

This blog’s main entry on Rio is destination: Rio de Janeiro. We have also an entire blog devoted to the forthcoming world cup: The World Cup Brazil 2014.

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