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canga / pareo / sarong

Few would question the supremacy of Brazilians when it comes to having a great time at the beach. A small detail that tells foreigners and locals apart at that scenery is that the former always take their towels to the beach while the latter don’t. Instead, they use the ubiquitous cangas, a truly versatile garment – very similar to oriental sarongs. You can lie on your canga or wrap it around your body in different forms.

canga, pareo, sarong

The beach is, in actual fact, one of the handiest places to get hold of a canga. Rather sooner than later, someone will approach you offering a canga. You can buy them from R$10.

When in Brazil… wear a canga!

Lagoa da Conceição

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  1. Lisa says:

    How interesting that each country has it’s own name for this versatile garment. Pareo, sarong, and canga! The colors and designs are amazing.

  2. Tony says:

    Fascinating indeed! Thanks for your comment.