Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo is one of the biggest cities in Brazil. It is also one of the most populous cities not just in Brazil, and not just in South America, but in all of the Americas. Not only is Sao Paulo is the largest city in Brazil, it is also a center of finance, entertainment, and art in Brazil. Sao Paulo started out as a small village known as São Paulo dos Campos de Piratininga, founded by the priests José de Anchieta and Manuel da Nóbrega in 1554. From there, Sao Paulo continued to grow and grow, into the city that is known today.

It is also the home to São Paulo Stock Exchange and Sao Paulo itself account for a chunk of Brazil’s GDP. Sao Paulo is the financial capital of Brazil and many financial and banking headquarters in Brazil are located here. There are also many research and development facilities across the city. Sao Paulo also a very international city and has a large population of Japanese, Arabs, Italian, Portuguese (originally from Portugal) and even a significant Jewish population. Arguably, Sao Paulo is the most multicultural city in all of Brazil.

Sao Paulo has many attractions. We recommend such attractions like the Municipal Theater, Ibirapuera Park, Museu do Ipiranga, Sé Cathedral, Pátio do Colégio, and more. In addition, The Museum of Art is a top attraction in Sao Paulo and from the outside, it has a very distinct and creative design, very befitting for museum of art. The Museum of Art in Sao Paulo not only has a great selection of Brazilian art, it also has a nice selection of European art, and it even has African art and Asian art.

Museum of Art, Sao Paulo

Since football is so popular in Brazil, Sao Paulo has 3 major football clubs: Corinthians, Palmeiras and São Paulo. When the World Cup was held in Brazil in 2014, Sao Paulo was one of the host cities for the World Cup. Arena Corinthians was built for the World Cup and Sao Paulo hosted 6 matches for the World Cup, including the opening for the World Cup.

If you come to Brazil, we highly recommend that you visit Sao Paulo. Check out the many attractions and restaurants in Sao Paulo, enjoy the international and multicultural profile of the city, and catch a football match or two while you’re here!